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Sushi Magic sushi maker
The new express sushi maker


My name is Michael Young. I’m an award winning chef, baker and inventor of “Sushi Magic “ and President of Food Adventures Inc. We bring innovative food and kitchen gadgets to you and show you how to use new products and expand your culinary skills.

I love to go out and eat sushi. I’d watch the master chefs craft sushi by hand and I realized there was learning, and skill required for this art. When it came to food I thought I could make anything with my hands, however at home when I’d made sushi I found it difficult to make the rice balls and attach the wasabi and fish, without getting in a big mess with the sticky rice. This was no fun! Also if the sushi is not pressed correctly it will crumble when picked up.

To untrained hands the same can apply to rolling sushi; a dried kelp sheet, sticky rice and several fillings are formed into a sushi roll using a bamboo or rattan mat. It takes finger dexterity and practice to assemble the roll, and if the roll is not compressed enough it will fall apart when sliced. Also the wooden slats must be wrapped in cling film to be non-stick. Wooden mats like this are difficult to clean and dry.

I knew from my years of experience as a chef and baker, there must be a way to make sushi at home that would be easy for anyone. I needed to design a kitchen tool, which would perform the chef’s, shaping and moulding skills. Making sushi at home would be fun and a money saver.

As I was experienced in European cuisine, I did not know the way of the sushi chef. I had to figure that out, and at the same time invent a sushi making kitchen gadget. Five years later the Sushi Magic express sushi maker, was successfully completed and introduced to the home cookware market.

Today my goal is to make sushi making easy at home for everyone. Something that was once difficult is now simple. I personally designed this product to recreate the chef’s touch. Sushi Magic is made with quality materials to craft a home use kitchen tool, with professional standards.

Make your favorites, for sushi parties, romantic dinners, healthy lunches or snacks. Along with Sushi Magic and on-line sushi lessons, I have developed a line of sushi ingredients for your convenience. Also direct contact to sushi grade seafood suppliers who deliver to your door.

Chef Michael

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