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Sushi Magic sushi maker
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Sushi Roll Maker

Sushi roll maker demonstration showing roller bar brought over sushi filling.

Lay out the ingredients following your sushi magic
handbook instructions. Pick up the sushi roller handles
and bring the roller bar over the filling.



Photo Demonstration of laying seafood into sushi moulds.

Easy seafood handling, lay various seafood
in the special non-stick mould.

Sushi making demonstation of sushi roller bar evenly rolling up filling.

Specially designed bar holds filling in place.
Turning the handles, evenly rolls up the rice
around the filling.



Wasabi being applied to Nigiri sushi using Sushi Magic sushi maker moulds.

If you like wasabi, it’s easily applied using the
tip of a table knife, or leave it out.

Sushi Magic demonstration showing how roller can accurately roll sushi into correct shape.

Expertly designed moulding action allows correct
even pressure to compact and accurately shape
the roll, mimicking the sushi chef’s skill.



Rice being applied to Nigiri sushi.

Add the top mould then simply spoon in
the rice and compact with the press tool. No
need to touch sticky rice with your hands.

Sushi un-rolled and ready for applying tobiko or sesame seed topping.

Un-roll the non-stick silicone mat. Use a
table knife to spread tobiko or sesame seed topping.



Shows top mould being removed to reveal perfectly shaped rice, seafood and wasabi moulded together.

Remove the top mould to reveal 8 perfectly shaped
rice balls, seafood and wasabi moulded together.

Example of compacted California Roll.

Produces a nicely, compacted sushi roll. In this
case it’s an inside-out California roll.
Makes all kinds of sushi rolls.


Completed sushi being easily removed from Sushi Magic sushi mould.

Completed sushi easily turns out of the mould.
Makes perfect nigiri sushi. Will also make
separate rice balls for sushi specials such as uni
cups and spicy scallop cups.


California Sushi Roll shown ready for serving to guests.

Slice and serve with your favorite condiments.
Hygienic materials make roller easy to clean.


Examples of Nigiri sushi ready to be served to guests.

Looks just like an expert sushi chef made it.
This is the only mould available with this ability.
Easy to clean hygienic design.



  • Easiest home sushi rolling available
  • Makes all your favorite kinds and sizes of sushi rolls, 6, 8, or 10 pieces at a time
  • Saves money, make sushi at home
  • Great for entertaining




  • Quickly produces up to 8 pieces of Nigiri at once
  • Reproduces the skills of the experienced sushi
  • No rice mess with these non-stick materials
  • A really serious money saver



Make all this sushi and more...

Sushi Magic sushi maker components displayed with prepared sushi rolls.


Included in the Sushi Magic package...

Sushi roll maker

Nigiri sushi maker

Operating instructions

Free sushi how to handbook

Plus more free sushi lessons on-line

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