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Sushi Magic makes delicious, perfectly shaped sushi at home with ease. Makes both Sushi Rolls and Nigiri Sushi.
The new express sushi maker

Sushi Magic, the world's best home sushi maker, is our patented express home sushi maker. Acclaimed by home users and chefs alike, Sushi Magic is a complete sushi making system that really works. Each kit includes two sushi makers in one attractive gift box, free sushi lessons with techniques and secrets for making great sushi, and where to find and how to prepare sushi grade fish, seafood, and ingredients.

Sushi Magic is the only sushi roller that makes California rolls with your choice of rice or nori on the outside and has the only nigiri mold that presses seafood, wasabi, and rice together to shape professional quality sushi in your kitchen. Great for throwing a sushi party, preparing appetizers, and making healthy meals. Check out our sushi demo or visit our Sushi Magic Review page.

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