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Sushi Magic Review - Key Features and Benefits

Here you can find a Sushi Magic Review in the list of all mechanical features and benefits. We invite you to discover this review of all the key features of our sushi maker Sushi Magic.


Two sushi makers in one box, Nigiri Sushi maker and Sushi Roller. Sushi Hand book with complete instructions and recipes plus on line video instructions and more printable recipes. A complete and easy learning system to become proficient in basic and intermediate sushi making and make many varieties and all your favourate sushi.


  • 1. PROBLEM using a traditional bamboo or rattan-rolling mat normally requires a learning curve and practice, to become competent at rolling.
      SOLUTION the Sushi Magic roller was specially designed by a professional chef and food technologist to make sushi rolling easy, its patented design and clear instructions make rolling simple.
  • 2. PROBLEM during the rolling motion the fillings must be tucked in using your fingertips while simultaneously rolling the mat forward. This takes time to practice and can be messy.
      SOLUTION specially designed roller bar holds filling in place, and handles for rolling up the rice around the filling, makes rolling easy.
  • 3. PROBLEM attention must be paid when compressing the roll; to be sure it is compressing evenly and adequately, so as the roll does not crumble when sliced or picked up.
      SOLUTION expertly designed moulding action allows correct even pressure to compact and accurately shape the roll, mimicking the sushi chefís skill.
  • 3a PROBLEM too much compression of the roll can result in a heavy or doughy texture of the rice, resulting in an unpleased texture when eating the sushi roll. Over compression is a common mistake and is often noticeable in sushi made by the inexperienced person or some supermarket sushi.
      SOLUTION the silicone mat is engineered to stretch just enough at the end of the rolling procedure, thus making it impossible to over compress the roll
  • 4. PROBLEM to make the very popular inside-out rolls (rice on the outside), the traditional mat must be covered in cling film. This procedure is time consuming and the film can be awkward to wrap and seal
       SOLUTION Eliminate the cling film. Sushi Magicís mat is made of specially developed non-stick silicone easily releases inside out roll.
  • 5.PROBLEM if you donít wrap the wooden roller in cling film, rice grains and particles of seafood, mayonnaise, and avocado gets stuck between the wooden slats of the mat making washing more difficult and time consuming.
      SOLUTION sushi magic is made with food grade ABS plastic and silicone for easy release of food .
  • 6. PROBLEM drying also requires extra attention as the wood slats and string holding them together, are porous and therefore dry slowly and can harbor germs. Also a damp rolling mat will make the nori soggy.
      SOLUTION sushi magic materials are non porous and easily drip dries or dry with a kitchen towel.


  • 1. PROBLEM moulding the sticky rice by hand to an oval shape that is curved on the top surface to give an attractive shape when the seafood is attached to the rice. Also this oval piece of rice must also be flat on itís base, so as the sushi does not fall over when served.
      SOLUTION Sushi Magic nigiri maker perfectly shapes eight rice balls at one time.
  • 2. PROBLEM attaching the fish and wasabi to the rice ball while skillfully shaping the three ingredients is difficult and normally takes a lot of practice.
      SOLUTION easy seafood handling, place various seafood in the special non-stick mould
  • 3. PROBLEM sushi rice is one of the stickiest foods to handle and shape, this can be a very messy procedure.
      SOLUTION simply spoon in the rice, then compact with the press tool. No need to touch sticky rice with your hands. Made of quality non stick materials
  • 4. PROBLEM the rice ball must be sufficiently compressed so that it does not crumble when picked up. I must not be over pressed or the rice ball will be too firm and not melt in the mouth when eaten.
      SOLUTION using the special press tool eliminates the difficulty of compacting the rice to the correct degree.
  • 5. PROBLEM other sushi molds only form a rice brick, often too large and not authentic oval shape. Seafood must be applied and shaped by hand, often resulting in nigiri with poor finished shape and too much rice to seafood ratio.
      SOLUTION Sushi Magicís completed nigiri sushi easily turns out of the mould. Makes perfect sushi that looks just like an expert sushi chef made it. This is the only mould available with this ability Combines rice seafood and wasabi together. Will also make separate rice balls for sushi specials such as Uni cups and spicy scallop cups.
  • 6. PROBLEM what is the correct size rice ball for each individuals taste?
      SOLUTION rice balls can be made different sizes with Sushi Magic, small size for low carbohydrate dieters, medium for average size sushi and large for those who like a lot of rice.

The Sushi Hand book, well written easy to follow instructions and recipes the handbook will teach you to make perfect sushi faster than any other form of sushi instruction. We also supply sushi ingredients and have more free lessons to support our customers at


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