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I just wanted to write you and tell you what a great experience I had with your product. This last weekend my family all got together for a sushi night. The Sushi Magic system worked great. I have made sushi for a little while now, but the inside out rolls have sometimes given me problems. Well, not with the Sushi Magic. The nigiri was fun and easy to make as well. Another benefit was the clean up. No longer do I have to worry about using plastic wrap to keep my sushi from sticking to the bamboo mat. Even though I have made sushi successfully before, the Sushi Magic is much quicker and more fun as well. A great product.

Salt Lake City

I just wanted to send a little note to let you know how wonderful I think your Sushi Maker Invention is. I have twelve bothers and sisters, most on the larger size. As with most large families we all love to cook and eat. Going out for Sushi as a family is impossible. The size of the restaurants in our small town and the price of the meal to feed us all is just not realistic.

This year for my sister birthday I purchased 2 Sushi Makers and mailed them to her in Las Vegas. I had a phone message when I returned home with her screaming about how much she loved it She bragged about how wonderful the rice recipe is. Of course, most of all she was shocked at the fact that she could make Sushi that looked at tasted just like the pro's. When she came to visit this summer she brought the Sushi Maker and the Knife with her. All of the family sat at home eating the most wonderfully fresh and delicious sushi we had ever eaten. Feeding all of us for only $70.00!
I hope you keep working on new idea's ~ I want to be the first one to buy it!

Rane' A
Pismo Beach CA

Sushi magic is selling well in my store, itís a successful product I even tried it myself, itís very good, I am sure it will be very popular kitchen tool.

Satokoís Japanese Food store
Grover Beach California

I wanted you to know that your website is the most helpful, educated website out there. I will be ordering two sushi makers in a couple of days from you. I just wanted you to know how great your website is. Thank you for making my research easier. I always thought sushi looked so unappealing, but now that I finally gave it a chance and tried it, you can't get me to stop eating it.

Thank you again,

Iíve been selling Sushi Magic at the Culinary Spirits Marketplace for over a year now, itís very unique and generates a lot of interest; I even had some of the local chefís buy it. Itís a quality product with really nice packaging, well done.

Victor Arnold. Owner, Culinary Spirits Marketplace
Pismo Beach California

We sell lotís of Sushi Magic here. Itís a quality product and compliments our top of the line seafood. Customers tell me itís a good product, works well and the non-stick sushi roller is much easier to use than the traditional wooden rolling mats, and the nigiri press is a breeze to use. Itís real handy to have in the store and brings customers back for more and more seafood.

Gio, Owner
Giovanniís Seafood, Morro Bay California

Itís really cool and my Mom loves it too.

St. Paul, Minnesota

Bought one for my wife now the family eats sushi twice a week Iím saving some bucks and the quality of your products is top notch. Thanks sushi Magic and Food Adventures Company

Phillip R
Bradenton, Florida

Tried the bamboo rolling mat, it didnít come out right and they come with worthless instructions. We even bought some other white plastic molds that werenít much good either. Thanks for Sushi Magic, your non stick silicone roller is superb, it only takes couple of minutes to follow your instructions and make really expert sushi, and thanks for the slicing instructions you cover everything. We save so much time getting all the ingredients from you, Before Sushi Magic we have to run around town to 3 stores to get everything we need, but your on line store has it all in one spot.

Russ T
Midland, Michigan

The seafood and the Sushi Magic arrived on time and in great shape. The Tuna Salmon Crab all superb freshness and flavor. The sushi Magic, what can I say, your right it is the express sushi maker. Iím in sushi heaven.

Conrad M
Wichita, Kansas

Easy sushi! Yes you right everything needed is all here, thanks Sushi Magic

Chihung S
Fort Hood, Texas

As a busy chef working in a fast paced restaurant I can recommend Sushi Magic. We have sushi on our appetizer menu, our customers think Iím a real sushi chef, of course I tell the truth and praise Sushi Magic.

Nicole A

The box of goodies arrived yesterday and we started making sushi right away. Jack my husband is not one for reading instructions and at first he rolled it the wrong way. I read the handbook and got it right first time, I made super California rolls and spicy tuna rolls but you must follow instructions closely. Once I got it down it was a breeze. Jack loves Nigiri he had no trouble at all with the Nigiri mold he thinks itís a stroke of genius, me too well done sushi magic.

Ruth V
San Jose, California

What a brilliant idea, Sushi Magic. The sushi supplies are excellent too, one stop make it at home sushi, my wife and I have a lot of fun making sushi and sipping sake. Thanks Food Adventures for bringing top quality sushi into our home.

Michael S

Iíve been making sushi at home the old fashioned way, your Sushi Magic really took me from an amateur to a pro in no time. Itís winner, congratulation on a very smart invention.

Daniel F
New Orleans, Louisiana

Thanks for Sushi Magic the sushi knives, great job no problem sushi

Y Kim
Asian Fusion Cuisine, California

I love sushi! and now I love Sushi Magic

Shirley Gandara
Woodside, New York

It's my sisterís birthday. She loves to cook. Do you have anything for me to buy her? She loved the Sushi maker so much it's a hard gift to top.

Nipomo CA

Wow itís great, love to make sushi, my family too thank you much Chef Michael. You sell very nice food too. Thank you.

Dung Nguyen
Houston, Texas

Looks like a made a hit with my new girlfriend she really likes the sushi I made. Thank you Cupid and Food Adventures

Chris W
Austin, Texas


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